Grandfather Clocks in High Ceiling Rooms
May 20, 2008
Grandfather Clocks Can Transform a Dining Room
May 23, 2008
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There are many rooms in a home that keep us wondering what we should do with them. While the builders certainly had something in mind when they constructed the house- creating nooks and crannies that would add character to the home and extra places for families and friends to gather, often these rooms are too small or awkward to really outfit as we would like to do. But with the help of certain special pieces we can create a comfortable room that – while it does not serve a prime purpose – is a lovely, decorated room that welcomes visitors warmly.

Grandfather clocks have often been used in this regard; added to rooms in order to give them height, drama, sophistication, elegance, charm, or warmth. With just the inclusion of this one piece, homeowners are able to capitalize on the multi-dimensional offerings of the grandfather clock.

The fact is that grandfather clocks embody many things to many different people; and by positioning them in rooms that are design challenged on some level, they can easily pull the room together in a cohesive design that is defined by the homeowner.

Grandfather clocks in a sitting area are actually the perfect design accompaniment: they add height to a room that is typically smaller than other rooms in the home, they add character and drama to a room that can often be plain, they add warmth to a room that typically cannot handle a lot of furniture, and they add melody and music to a room where people gather together as family and friends.

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