Confirm or Deny: Anne Wojcicki

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November 17, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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Confirm or Deny: Anne Wojcicki

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Maureen Dowd: Google has too much power.

Anne Wojcicki: I would say they have too much power in the real estate market and they’re driving up my rent.

In addition to a cardboard cutout of The Rock, 23andMe’s office is furnished with stuff, including a green couch, from your first New York apartment.

Sure is.

You can’t get enough of the show “Riverdale.”

I don’t know what that is. I don’t have time for TV. My kids just got into “The Simpsons,” which has been a lot of fun. Richard Plepler just gave me all the CDs of “Silicon Valley” so I can watch them on the plane. I watched the first episode and there was sort of that moment of silence, like, “Wow, this is really close to home.” Like when I saw the FiveFinger toe shoes, I was like, “Oh, that was a good detail.”

You disapproved of Sergey wearing FiveFinger toe shoes to The New York Times editorial board meeting.

No, I liked all the crazy. He also had spring shoes, shoes with a spring in the back of them for people with back problems. He wore them a lot. Sergey’s amazingly creative. I mean, that’s the fun of him. The stuff that comes out of his mouth sometimes is just extraordinary. He really genuinely sees the world in a different way. He’s also not worried about what people think of him.

There is too much capital chasing only a handful of good ideas.

I think there’s a lot of capital chasing other capital.

Regulators should leave Silicon Valley alone.

No. I think there’s a balance.

You spend more money on Goop than on Amazon.

Oh, I live on Amazon. I’m buying something right now.

If you had been invited to the tech conference to meet President-elect Trump at Trump Tower, you would have gone.

I’m trying to stay out of politics right now.

If you are not genetically a morning person, you can never change that.

I think you can train your body. I did.

You want to know how you’re going to die.

I would like to know when. And then I could plan.

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