My Space: A Tour of Grégory Fitoussi’s Apartment Outside Paris

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My Space: A Tour of Grégory Fitoussi’s Apartment Outside Paris

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My Space


Grégory Fitoussi

Age 41

Occupation Actor, “Mr. Selfridge” (Masterpiece on PBS); “Spiral” (Netflix); and “Spin” (Walter Presents)

Location Saint-Mandé, a suburb of Paris

His Favorite Room After 20 years of living in tiny, dark flats in central Paris, Mr. Fitoussi recently did the unthinkable and bought an apartment outside the city’s border. His living room has a fireplace and great light and enough furniture for a wanderer. “I’ve been living my whole life renting in Paris and moving every two, three years,” Mr. Fitoussi said. “I really don’t have a lot of things.”

Why did you want to leave the city proper?

To live in the center of Paris, it’s really noisy, it’s really stressful. I wanted a quiet place with a view. I needed to see the sky. I can learn my lines on my terrace. I’m on the top floor and I have no neighbors. I feel like I’m on top of a castle.

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Do you live alone?

For the moment. I hope it’s not going to last.

How does your home reflect your personality?

It’s very simple. I don’t have much on the walls. Traveling and meeting people is way more important than having stuff, which can get broken or lost. For example, I lost all of my photos that I loved. I was so sad. And then I was, like, “O.K., it doesn’t matter. Everything — the memories — are in your head.”

You do have a few things. Like this comic book about Gérard Depardieu.

It’s a gift from my brother. He knows I’m a big fan. I don’t admire everything he’s done or said in his life, but I admire the freedom of his mind to say what he wants or do the movies he wants. Very few people can be that free. I just turned 40, and you ask yourself those questions: Will I have a family? Am I getting old? Then you see this guy who’s running after life and eating life as much as possible. It’s a lesson for me.

What about family heirlooms? Do you have any of those?

My grandfather gave me this knife. He was a fisherman. He sailed, he had this beautiful white cap. He taught me how to fish. I kept fishing with my father when my grandfather passed away. One day, if I have the chance to have a boy or girl, I will bring him or her to fish.

What’s something you always wanted for your home that you now have?

In my room there is a cinema with the screen going down, 5.1 sound and everything. I have only one button to press. I can stay in my bed on a cold Sunday and watch movies. I’ve wanted that for a long time.

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