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April 22, 2011
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When trying to both understand and name the visible parts of a grandfather clock, many individuals do not know where to begin.

Most people know that grandfather clocks have a pendulum, and weights, and are in a free-standing case, but when one gets beyond that point, may people, grandfather clock discount shoppers included, become at a loss for words as to how to describe the different parts.  Even having said the above, many people confuse the weights with the pendulum and vice versa.

We came across one excellent diagram, with credit given below, for the various parts of a grandfather clock:

grandfather clock

dialhour handbodypedimentminute handplinthchainpendulumweightMoon dial


grandfather clock

Diagram of Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clocks Diagram

Clock with a pendulum that is operated by weights and housed in a tall (usually over 2 m high) straight body, which stands upright on the floor.


The in this case split pediment or swans neck is shown at the top, with the finial sticking out at the very top center of the clock.  The working moondial, although sometimes they are stationary, rotates ones every 29 1/2 days in keeping with the lunar calendar cycle of a full moon.  The dial, hour and minute hands, and in this case a subsidiary seconds dial are also shown.

This particular grandfather clock is a chain-driven model, not a cable driven grandfather clock, and is therefore wound by pulling down on each of the 3 chains, one at a time, to bring up each of the 3 weights to the top of the weight case.  Because this clock has 3 weights, we know that it must be a chiming grandfather clock.  The pendulum swings back and forth as the weights gradually do down over time, most likely over an 8 day period.  And the plinth of the grandfather clock can be seen at the bottom of the case.

We like this grandfather clock diagram, and it’s great to see referenced sources like this available online to grandfather clocks shoppers, whether or not they are looking for a brand name like a Howard Miller grandfather clocks or Ridgeway or Hermle grandfather clock, or so they can just be more informed shoppers when looking for high-quality grandfather clocks on sale.

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  1. I need to know how to attach the top inside connection (wheree the screw is at the top of the pendlum attachment to make the swining motion. I unscrewed the screw too much and it dropped out and I need a diagraham to reattach the pieces to the inside of the clock so I can add the pendlium back on to the clock. Please it is a Howard Miller Grandfather clock

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