Grandfather Clock Sounds
June 22, 2010
Grandfather Wall Clocks
July 11, 2010
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Do the grandfather clocks make the celebrity, or does the Celebrity make the grandfather clock?  We would like to know.  We are aware that many celebrities are owners of both antique grandfather clocks and new grandfather clocks, and grandmother clocks are quite popular as well.  One way we know this is that we have sold and installed grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks to many people who are household names, so to speak.  Generally, these famous business people, actors, government officials, university president, major network chiefs, religious leaders, heads of state, and heads of state giving gifts to other heads of state and visiting dignitaries, among others, will work through an intermediary.  Yet in most all instances we know who the so-called end users for these great timepieces are.  Usually because they tell us, they visit our shop, or they call for follow-up of certain kinds.

Aside from antique mantle clocks, antique wall clocks, and antiques grandfather clocks, the large majority of the emphasis is on the major high-end clock brands like Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks.  Seth clocks are also a good seller, as are Movado Clocks, especially for high-end corporate gifts.

We do not sell and tell, so you will never see anything about an individual customer unless the customer wants us to publicize the sale for some reason.  We currently have one client, who is an absolute mogul, known the world over, and he asked us to work with his interior decorator, and plans to have this home, once decorated, shot for Architectural Digest.  I think it’s a fair bet to say that if he wants it, he will get it.  So stay tuned, and we may be able to publicize that one.

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