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November 22, 2010
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November 26, 2010
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When shopping for grandfather clocks, how are people able to tell not only good values on specific clocks, but also whether the floor clocks they are consider are truly of good quality.  A basic grandfather clocks shopping thresh-hold question should be, in our view, whether people, once they know and have researched clock options, would truly consider the grandfather clock to be of heirloom quality.

Making the determination that a particular floor clock, or even brand of grandfather clock,  is one of the finest kinds of grandfather clocks available, is quite difficult for people who are new to shopping in this niche.  Being a smart grandfather clock shopper can be extremely difficult, especially as more and more of the low cost imitations flood the marketplace.  And guess what, the cheap imitations frequently look a lot like the high quality grandfather clocks in the photos advertising them.

Some of the inevitable surprises or risks of surprises when not shopping as an informed or educated customer include having to assemble clocks, having grandfather clocks with inferior movements, cases that may have plastic, or plywood at best.  The sad reality is that many of the so-called grandfather clocks sold today, including some at major department stores, can be legitimately classified as standing pieces of junk.  We get calls daily from customers wanted to know how to operate, or how to put together, their new xyz grandfather clocks.  Interestingly, many of them are given names that are quite misleading because they are named after specific models of well regarded grandfather clocks.  But the same name is where the relationship ends.  When we suggest these unfortunate consumers contact the manufacturer or the retailer who sold the clock to them, or consult the instruction manual included with the grandfather clock, we are almost always met with the responses that there was no instruction manual and that the retailer they purchased the grandfather clock from has no further information available.

So how can a grandfather clock or grandmother clock shopper be smart about getting a great quality floor clock while still getting a great discount, including grandfather clocks on sale, before they plunge in and make the big purchase?  Like most things in life, doing ones homework pays off in so many ways.  Consult people who know the differences between the major brands and who can explain the different types of grandfather clocks, such as quartz driven movements vs. cable driven grandfather clock movements vs. chain driven grandfather clocks.  The best place is a grandfather clocks specialty shop, like, where the people in their stores will take the time to explain these and other differences.

Differences between grandfather brands is also key to making the right purchase decision.  Understanding Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks, as examples, is key to beginning to understand the potential differences and similarities with, say, a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and a Hermle Floor Clock.

An educated consumer is the best shopper.

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