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November 14, 2010
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November 22, 2010
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We got a call from a customer today who was looking for a chiming grandfather clock that also had atomic time.  Do we have such a grandfather clock?  No.  Do we wish we did?  Absolutely.

Not one to be deterred, this same customer asked if we had a chiming wall clock with radio controlled or atomic time.  After pausing for a moment, I realized we not only do not carry such a wall clock, but we have never seen such a clock, or standalone clock movement which could be fitted with a case, ever with our vast experience and deep knowledge base.

An atomic grandfather clock with chimes, or an atomic chiming wall clock, both sound to us as something that could be a solid seller.  There would be the issue of keeping the chimes in exact sequence with the timing of the clock, but isn’t that what clockwork is all about anyway.

Seiko Clocks are you listening?  Howard Miller Clocks, what do you think?  LaCrosse Technology and Infinity Instruments, how would you feel about adding such items to your lineup.  Perhaps Seth Thomas Clocks can make these a gangbusters hit and help revive the clock industry to its previous glory days when it was the preeminent manufacturer in the USA.  Hermle Clocks, what do you think? Rhythm Clocks and Bulova clocks would also be logical manufacturers of such innovative products.

The next question is if only one could be developed, should one go for the grandfather clock or the wall clock with chiming and atomic time?  What are your thoughts?  We would be very interested in knowing your points of view.

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  1. Mike says:

    Been asking about these for years. US and Europe. Talked to a clock maker in Switzerland. Was told that is not what people buy Grandfather clocks for. Hello? Maybe this could be a new market? He is the expert but that is why I haven’t bought a Grandfather clock. Someone Please. Call it something else but I want to buy one.

  2. Izzy Weird says:

    Seiko once made a nice wood-cased wall clock with chimes, a pendulum, and an atomic receiver.

    It was model QXR110BL. I bought one because it was the closest thing to an atomic grandfather clock that I could find at the time.

    When this thing chimes you know it is accurate.

    Let me suggest one thing for any large atomic clock, make the antenna coil rotatable for the best signal. My Seiko has to be set at an angle 45 degrees to the walls of my house in order to work properly. Someday I may open it up and try to reorient the antenna coil.

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