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April 24, 2010
Grandfather Floor Clocks
May 2, 2010
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We have focused some attention in past grandfather clocks blog posts about how we see a booming trend toward giving grandfather clocks as special wedding gifts, especially as spectacular wedding presents from parents or grandparents of the bride and groom to be.

A quick aside, in these times of war for our Nation, we do see many family of loved ones serving in the military, and even members of our Armed Forces serving overseas purchasing grandfather clocks to be delivered shortly after their planned return, or sometimes for special anniversaries while they are still serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, and other special forces, as well as some military contractors working overseas in support of the USA and its allies’ efforts.

Well, back to everyday civilian life customs and traditions for gift-giving and wedding anniversary celebrations.  More and more parents of “children” in their 20s and 30s whom are getting married are finding grandfather clocks to be the perfect wedding gift for their loved ones.  We also see this grandfather clock gift trend for special and milestone anniversaries, as well as the kids giving their parents the perfect anniversary gift of a grandfather clock for, say, 25th and 50th wedding anniversary gifts, as examples.  The gifts come in all tastes, shapes and sizes,  In addition, many choose to give mechanical mantel clocks, such as howard miller keywound chiming mantel clocks, sometimes with triple chimes including the Westminster Chime.  Grandfather clocks and high-end Mantle clocks are by far the most popular wedding gifts and anniversary present for those looking for that special clock gift for their loved one.

Below is a table, for which we would like to acknowledge and thank the website, for showing what are considered the traditional or customary gifts for each anniversary rule.  While we feel no rules such as this should really apply, and when tradition coincides with desire, so much the better.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Keep in mind that these are gift ideas. They are just suggestions to make it easier to choose a gift. If you decide to give an anniversary gift that doesn’t fit the list… that’s fine. The only way to really go wrong with a wedding anniversary gift is…to not give one at all!

Anniversary Traditional Modern
1stPaperClocks, Plastic, Gold Jewelry
2ndCottonChina, Cotton, Calico, Garnet
3rdLeatherCrystal, Glass, Pearls
4thFruit, FlowersAppliances, Linen, Silk, Nylon, Blue Topaz
5thWoodSilverware, Sapphire
6thSugar, IronWood, Candy, Amethyst
7thWool, CopperBrass, Desk Sets, Onyx
8thBronze, Pottery Appliances, Linens, Lace, Tourmaline Jewelry
9thPottery, WillowLeather, Lapis Jewelry
10thTin, AluminumDiamond Jewelry
11thSteelFashion, Turquoise Jewelry
12thSilk, LinenPearls, Jade
13thLaceTextiles, Furs, Citrine
14thIvoryGold Jewelry, Opal
15thCrystalGlass, Watches, Ruby
16thSilver hollowware, Peridot
17thFurniture, Watch
18thPorcelain, Cat’s Eye Jewelry
19thBronze, Aquamarine
20thChinaPlatinum, Emerald
21stBrass, Nickel
23rdSilver plate
24thMusical instruments
25thSilverSterling silver
26thOriginal pictures
29thNew furniture
31stTime Pieces
32ndConveyances (e.g., automobiles)
35thCoral (Jade)Jade
36thBone china
38thBeryl, Tourmaline
40thRubyRuby, Garnet
42ndDeveloped real estate
46thOriginal poetry tribute
48thOptical goods
49thLuxuries, any kind
55thEmeraldEmerald, Turquoise
60thDiamondGold, Diamond
75thPlatinumDiamondlike Stones, Gold
80thDiamond, Pearl
85thDiamond, Sapphire
90thDiamond, Emerald
95thDiamond, Ruby
100th10 Carat Diamond

This list has been compiled from an extensive list of sources. Most agree on the basics, but have slight variations. The only significantly different list was the alternative modern anniversary list of jewelry… that came from the Jewelry Industry Council.

Coming up with creative gift ideas can be hard. Jewelry is always safe, but an original gift can work, too! One article suggests combinations of traditional and modern that work for the early anniversaries. Home Indulgences adds flowers to the list. The best advice may be a quote from the Latin scholar, Plautus who wrote, “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

Back to 1-800-4CLOCKS, where we see grandfather clocks gift-giving being as relevant for important milestone birthday gifts, or to celebrate a big promotion gift, or like event award.  As we like to always point out, clocks make great gifts, whether wall clocks, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, wall clocks, atomic clocks, mantel clocks, and dare we say, wristwatches.  A new iPhone or iPad would also likely be welcomed as a gift to treasure.

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