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March 17, 2010
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March 24, 2010
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Grandfather Clocks Health Care

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Do you think there is a possible health related link between having a soothing sounding grandfather clock — or mantle clock or wall clock for that matter — with its regular tick tock sound and chimes, and the health of its owner or family members?

This grandfather clocks health care link is one we have had a theory about for some time.  We have run it by several physicians over the years, none of whom, interestingly, have dismissed this as an outlandish theory.  We’ve tried to search the medical literature to see if any hospital or medical school or individual or group of physicians might have in fact done such a study, but so far, at least, we have come up empty.  It would seem to us to be newsworthy even if it were established that there was no link between owning a chiming ticking clock and living longer.  Could the medical doctors who indulged us perhaps simply have been looking for grandfather clocks discounts?

Maybe we can get one of the grandfather clocks manufacturers to underwrite a study.  That fact should be disclosed, at least in our opinion, even though many times such relationships are omitted.

How about the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Study of Clocks Adding Time to Your Life (or Not)?  Or what about the Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks Mantle Clocks Study on the link between clock ownership — assuming  you are keeping them wound — and longevity?

It could really add some additional meaning to our Registered Trademark to buy clocks to “Add Time to Your Life®”.

Any doctors or hospitals or physicians out there who want to join with us to do a clocks study — on the effect on longevity of grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and others, chiming and not — please let us know!

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