Grandfather Clocks Transform a Small Space
March 27, 2008
Grandfather Clocks for Large Homes
March 31, 2008
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When we think of family heirlooms we may think of jewelry that was worn by members of a family from generation to generation or china that may have belonged to someone’s great-grandmother. But the fact is that there can be many different types of family heirlooms – things that sit in the home of an older generation and are passed down through the years – reminding those who come into possession of the heirloom of their childhood and the importance of keeping family traditions alive. Grandfather clocks make especially wonderful family heirlooms; especially as the craftsmanship needed to create them allows them to hold up well over the years.

Grandfather clocks may be passed down from an older family member after their death. But it is even more special if a grandfather clock can be given from one family member’s hand to another. An older generation in a family may choose to pass along a well-loved and unique grandfather clock to a younger generation of the family as a well timed gift – for the birth of a child, the purchase of a new home, or a wedding.

And for those who have do not have a grandfather clock in their family there is no time like the present to begin this lovely tradition of having a grandfather clock in the home. Through comprehensive websites found through high quality clock suppliers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS, consumers can find the perfect grandfather clock to make its home within their family, until it can be passed along to younger family members to keep the traditional alive.

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  2. […] (my favorite part), so adding another one to my house would be awesome! And it would be the perfect heirloom to pass down to my children. I would hope it would mean as much to them as it would to me. […]

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