Grandfather Clocks: Not Just for Grandfathers

Telling Time the Classic Way with Grandfather Clocks
April 9, 2008
Grandfather Clocks in an Office
April 15, 2008
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There are some products that just seem synonymous with the past – irrevocably connected to years’ gone by. Such is often the case with grandfather clocks – traditional timekeeping pieces that have been a staple in many a home over the years. In fact, there are certainly quite a few of us who have had a grandfather clock in our family for many years – standing in the corner of our grandparents’ home, keeping time in the home of older relatives, and perhaps even making its way to our own homes.

But grandfather clocks are far from old-fashioned; rather, they are modern versions of classic timekeeping. Modern clockmakers create and build grandfather clocks that can just as easily fit into a home that was just constructed as it could in an older home that has been in existence for decades.

Today, homeowners are finding that grandfather clocks are able to fit quite nicely into their décor – and into any of the rooms in their homes. Some of the modern uses for grandfather clocks include:

*In the entranceway where it can welcome visitors with its stately elegance in a grand foyer.

*In a formal room such as a study, living room, or library where a grandfather clock fits seamlessly into the surroundings.

*In a more casual setting where grandfather clocks of more contemporary design can breathe new life into a traditional décor.

Today, grandfather clocks are more than just the conventional designs we remember. With a host of woods and other materials – as well as complex artwork and carvings – grandfather clocks can suit any taste and budget.

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