Grandfather Clocks: So Many Options
April 7, 2008
Telling Time the Classic Way with Grandfather Clocks
April 9, 2008
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There are very few products in the modern world on which we can always rely; knowing with confidence that they will be as good (or nearly as good) after ten years of ownership as they were on the very day on which we bought them. Mass manufacturing has changed the integrity of many products and unfortunately the craftsmanship that used to be expected from things that we purchased is largely unavailable these days. But in some particular arenas quality does still exist; so much so that we can expect the products that we purchase today to be functioning for our children and even our children’s children many years from now.

Grandfather clocks, in many cases, are a historical reference for us; a touchstone to a time when hand craftsmanship reigned and products where built to last. Even the regal exterior of the grandfather clock speaks to that time; and we rally to reproduce that tradition in our homes by adopting a beloved grandfather clock; one that can chime in the hour with its familiar melody.

Even today, grandfather clocks are built to last. The quality provided by such grandfather clock greats as Howard Miller clocks, Kieninger clocks, and Ridgeway clocks continue to uphold the tradition of clockmaking. Those who purchase grandfather clocks today can have confidence that their clock will not only provide all that we expect today – but many years into the future.

More than a cherished piece of furniture; more than the music of our childhoods; more than a timekeeping device – grandfather clocks are our family heirlooms of the past and of the future.

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