Ideal Features for Grandfather Clocks – We Want to Hear from You!

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December 10, 2007
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December 27, 2007
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The last post in this blog addressed many of the newer features in high-end grandfather clocks, such as auto night shut-off, the introduction of more chimes, and lit dials.  See the post just below for more on this.

We are very interested in any feedback that our readers may choose to either post or email to us, as to what other new features might make for either better grandfather clocks choices and shopping, or make you and people you know more likely to buy a grandfather clock.

Some examples of features we have thought about and heard include:

1. Atomic Grandfather Clocks, using Atomic Clock Radio Controlled technology, for most accurate keeping of time

2. Ability to make mechanical chimes louder and softer.

3. Ability to order a specific clock with the chime or combination of chimes of your choice.

4. Ability to record your own personalized chime.

5. Choice of “same” model but in different wood choices, such as cherry, oak, maple for otherwise same models.

6. Choice of same grandfather clock model and choice of coordinating color of pendulum, weights, bezel, and even cable wiring for cable driven grandfather clocks – such as in nickel or chrome instead of brass.

7. Importance of price in your purchasing decision.  If drastically lower prices are offered for grandfather clocks, would more of the same types of grandfather clock shoppers be open to purchasing them even if they were not branded with the clock brands they know most well.

Feedback on these points would be valuable to everyone in the industry, shoppers and manufacturers and retailers alike.  Please share your thoughts when you have the time.

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