New Construction: New Grandfather Clock, Part I
June 27, 2008
Don’t Let Discount Go Out the Window with Grandfather Clocks
July 3, 2008
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As we discussed in the last post, building and moving into a new construction home can be a wonderfully exciting undertaking. There is the satisfaction of knowing that you have chosen every detail that has gone into the house and that when you move in it will – structurally speaking – be everything that you wanted and asked for with no renovations required.

Design, however, is another story as new construction does require homeowners to put their own special stamp of personality on the home. Working with essentially a blank slate, homeowners are challenged to pull in color, furniture, another other elements that will infuse color and life into the home and make it something that is warm, inviting, and comfortable. As was mentioned previously, it is important not to initially overwhelm the space with all of the design ideas that you have certainly had in your head for this home. Rather, it is wise to choose a few special elements to lay the groundwork for the overall design, giving you some time to live in the home and “get to know it” better.

In this capacity, grandfather clocks are wonderful elements to initially bring into a home – especially a home that is a neutral palette. In terms of really getting bang for your buck, grandfather clocks are able to single-handedly transform a space and make it something truly unique and sophisticated.

Make this choosing of a grandfather clock your first foray into defining the overall style of the home – traditional, classic, contemporary, eclectic; now is the time to decide what you want your home to say in terms of design and what you want it to reflect about you. Grandfather clocks are available in all of these designs and more and can represent the start of many layers to come in terms of style and décor.

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