The Song of the Grandfather Clock

The Elegance of Yesteryear with Grandfather Clocks
March 4, 2008
Quality Counts with Grandfather Clocks
March 6, 2008
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There are many reasons that people choose to bring a grandfather clock into their home. This style of timekeeping embodies a tradition that has stood for generations. In such times, when even the task of telling time has been simplified and added to a computer screen, a grandfather clock retains the grandeur and elegance of another time. Whether they are paying homage to the elaborate roots of time telling or they are anchoring a room with this solid sentry, those who have a grandfather clock in their home know its charm and its beauty. And they also know its song.

Upon their initial design, grandfather clocks struck the top of the hour only. But when quarter hour chimes were added to grandfather clock designs in the early part of the 20th century, the grandfather clock song became more complex. Today, most modern grandfather clocks hold three separate weights in their case – one for the striking the hour, one for striking the quarter hour, and the pendulum which keeps track of the time.

Upon the hour, most modern grandfather clocks have the ability to play a melody; in fact a great many of them sound what is known as Westminster Chimes, although there are options for other chime melodies should the buyer prefer. With the addition of the quarter chimes, a grandfather clock will play a quarter of its melody at a quarter to the hour and at a quarter past the hour. Additionally, at half past the hour, the grandfather clock will appropriately play half of its melody; before playing the whole melody upon the hour.

The song of the grandfather clock elevates what is already a beautifully designed piece of furniture to a stately and elegant showpiece; calling attention to itself on the hour and filling the home with beautiful music

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