You Never Grow Out of Grandfather Clocks

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October 17, 2008
Grandfather Clock for Baby, Part I
October 23, 2008
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If you have been in your own place for even a few years you have undoubtedly discovered that what you thought was really fun in terms of decorating just a year ago may not necessarily be something that you enjoy today. When I first moved into my home, for instance, I was just married and I happily filled our house with those things that we had received as wedding gifts. Mind you, I had registered for this gifts which means that we had picked them out ourselves. But here I am, ten years later and I’m looking at these dishes and those towels and I’m wondering “who was that person who would have thought these were attractive??”

The point is that styles change and tastes change; that will always be the case. But there will also be those things that will always be considered classics; those things that never go out of style. And in my opinion, grandfather clocks are a perfect representation of that.

We actually got a grandfather clock for our wedding as well – from my husband’s grandparents who have since passed away. I loved this grandfather clock then and I love it now. It transcends trendy style and even changing tastes because it is its own classic; something that will always be perfect and recognizable and fit seamlessly in with a variety of décor.

So I know without a doubt that no matter how many times I change my dishes, or replace my towels, that grandfather clock will always have a spot right here in my house and in my heart – my most favorite, classic piece of furniture.

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