Giving a Grandfather Clock as a Wedding Present

Grandfather Clocks are Meant to Be Shared
March 13, 2008
Kieninger Grandfather Clocks: A Tradition for Over Ninety-Five Years
March 17, 2008
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Weddings are a time of celebration – an opportunity for friends and family to gather around a new couple and support them in this special time during their lives. Of course, attending a wedding means presenting the newly married couple with a gift that symbolizes their union and adequately reflects their style and personality. In modern times it has become something of a tradition to give money for the wedding gift, but now people are once again turning back to the old tradition of giving an actual gift – finding it to be a more personal way to mark a wedding. And by presenting the couple with a gift that will be in their home, the gift giver hopes that the couple will think of them each time they use or enjoy the gift.

So it’s no surprise that in terms of presenting an elaborate, romantic, and truly unique gift that will last a lifetime that gift givers are turning to the grandfather clock.

The grandfather clock – with its statuesque presence, intricate carving and artwork, and unique style – can be a wonderful gift to celebrate the start of a new life. Just as a marriage is meant to last a lifetime, so is a grandfather clock. In fact, families are often known to pass such pieces down from one generation to the next. So it stands to reason that the children of this bride and groom may one day be enjoying the grandfather clock that you so lovingly chose for them. But buyer beware – be sure to choose a grandfather clock that is line with the couple’s personality and style – or better yet, tell them what you wish to purchase for them and let them choose it themselves. They will think of you whenever the bells chime and will enjoy it for a lifetime.

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