Grandfather Clocks are Meant to Be Shared

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March 12, 2008
Giving a Grandfather Clock as a Wedding Present
March 15, 2008
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There are those elements in our home that are meant to support an overall design theme and then there are those pieces that are meant to be shared with all those who enter the home. Grandfather clocks are just such pieces; beautiful, statuesque pieces of furniture – rather than just solely functional pieces. But beyond that, grandfather clocks – with their stylish exterior and melodic song are pieces that are meant to be shared and discussed with visitors.

And there is much to discuss when it comes to grandfather clocks – their history, their style, the reason that you choose that particular artwork on the face or that particular carving on the hood, the melody of the clock and why it was chosen. Such are the reasons why grandfather clocks are displayed prominently in homes rather than being hidden in rooms that are generally unseen. For those looking to really showcase their grandfather clock, there are many desirable spots in the home, including:

*In an entranceway. There is nothing more welcoming for visitors to your home than the sight and sound of a stately grandfather clock. Not only does the music of the grandfather clock add warmth to the space, but its grand stature adds an air of elegance.

*In a dining room. A dining room is where friends and family gather for meals in a slightly more formal atmosphere. A grandfather clock contributes nicely to this area as something sophisticated – yet inviting.

*In a library or living room. Some of the more formal rooms in the home – a living room or a library if you are lucky enough to have one – are slightly more polished in their décor. A grandfather clock, while never stuffy, blends well in this environment while still softening the area with its melodic song.

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