Grandfather Clocks and Daylight Savings Time – A Change in Times

Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clocks: Time Flies on a Grandfather Clock!
October 28, 2007
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November 8, 2007
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Whether you are planning for your home grandfather clock, wall clocks, mantel clocks, or even atomic clocks, you may or may not be aware of the changes afoot this year as to when we return to Daylight Savings Time. After President George W Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, it was planned that 2007 would be the year that Daylight Savings Time would be effective with clocks moving back one hour the first Sunday in November (vs. week earlier in prior years), which is November 4. Daylight savings time in the Spring now moves forward an hour on the second Sunday in March. The 2 am local time change remains the same.

The stated goals of the energy policy is to increase energy savings and increase workplace productivity. Some more cynical analysts have theorized that this change is simply a rouse by the powerful Candy Lobbying Industry to sell more Halloween Candy (we are remaining neutral on that point 🙂 ).

Not every USA State is adopting the new law, though 48 are, Only Arizona and Hawaii are leaving their clocks alone.

There is no doubt that some confusion took place last weekend, when people’s habits and/or systems were still operating under the old time rules. Even this week software companies are sending out patches to help make the transition this weekend be a smooth one.

One great Safety Tip – every time the clocks are changed back and forth for Daylight Savings Time is an excellent opportunity to ALSO change the batteries in your Home and Office Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector. Better safe than sorry! This life-saving tip has been brought to you by 1-800-4CLOCKS.

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