Grandfather Clocks: Big Things Come in Big Packages

Grandfather Clocks Welcome the Hour
June 12, 2008
Fill a Room with a Grandfather Clock
June 13, 2008
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Our society is in such a trend towards downsizing and simplifying that our stuff just seems to get smaller and smaller. Those design elements that used be big and bold are now minimalistic – a direct response, no doubt, to the fragile state of the economy and our desire to reel in our extraneous expenditures. But there are still those pieces that while bigger – are still better; and grandfather clocks are one of them.

Grandfather clocks are known as much for their size as anything else; typically standing at least six feet tall, grandfather clocks are the focal point of any room in which they stand. But their height is only a portion of why grandfather clocks have such a presence about them; they are the regal soldiers of the clock world and wherever we place them in our homes they make a definite statement.

Consumers that are interested in infusing their home with sophistication and elegance – and melody if they desire a clock that chimes in the hour – can search out grandfather clocks that fit their style and their budget through online clock suppliers.

High end clock retailers – such as 1-800-4CLOCKS – will match any buyer with the grandfather clock of their dreams. In the market for a traditional grandfather clock that reminds you of the clock that your grandparents once owned? How about a contemporary grandfather clock that is more in line with your modern sensibilities? Better yet, perhaps an interesting and unusual grandfather clock – one that is made from non-traditional materials and will be as much of a talking piece as it will a functional clock and design element? Through online clock suppliers, grandfather clocks of all kinds can be found to suit any taste.

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  1. […] seems like today’s society actually wants things more minimalist, than big and bold.  The neat thing about a grandfather clock is the size of the space that it takes up.  It […]

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