Grandfather Clocks: What Was Old is New Again
June 11, 2008
Grandfather Clocks: Big Things Come in Big Packages
June 13, 2008
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The passing of time is simply something to which we don’t pay much attention – unless of course we need more time than we have at our disposal (we’ve all felt at one time or another that we don’t have enough time in the day to get our work done). But there are ways in which we can honor the passing of time – and treat it like an event – and the use of a grandfather clock is one such way.

Grandfather clocks are the elegant representation of time telling. Clock are one of the oldest human inventions in existence and through the years they have been designed in countless ways – in order to be functional as well as attractive. Grandfather clocks are the most intricate designs of all clocks and it is for this reason that they have been grand members of households around the world. When grandfather clocks first began being made they were far too expensive for most households; today they are much more affordable and something that many people chose to have in their home.

The benefits of having a grandfather clock in the home include:

* Style. Grandfather clocks are beautiful in and of themselves and they bring beauty to the rooms in which they sit – as well as the homes that they occupy in general.

* Functionality. Of course the main purpose of any clock is to tell the time. Grandfather clocks stand sentry in homes and announce the time hour to hour.

* Music. Grandfather clocks do more than just tell the time; they sing in the hour with a melodic chime. Bringing a grandfather clock into the home is the same as bringing music into the home.

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