Grandfather Clocks for Your First Place, Part I

Town & Country Grandfather Clocks, Part II
September 26, 2008
Grandfather Clocks for Your First Place, Part II
October 2, 2008
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For those who have recently left the comfort of home – be it their parents’ home or the place that they had come to call home in college (that while sparse in some instances had, more than likely, turned out be comfortable on many levels) you are surely just now experiencing that lightheaded feeling that comes with having to decide everything on your own.

Sure, you expected it to a degree. You have bills to pay now, perhaps a car to maintain, a job to go to; adult things to do. But it’s the little things that probably threw you off a bit. Like realizing for the first time that it was completely and utterly up to you what color you wanted to paint your walls, or that you are were completely in control of the type of cereal that would be purchased (perhaps now was the time to fulfill those Froot Loop fantasies you had as a kid?).

Decorating your first place very much is a big deal. It represents your first foray into adulthood and this first home is a way to put your personality on a canvas for the world to see in many cases. So it pays to do it right; and it pays to do it affordably as most of us are on a serious budget when we are first on our own.

You may not have thought too much – or even at all – about considering a grandfather clock as a part of your home décor but the truth is that grandfather clocks actually offer many benefits – both style-centric and beyond – that can make the perfect choice for your first place.

In the next post, we’ll list some of the reasons that grandfather clocks can fit perfectly in a new home for someone just on their own for the first time.

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