Grandfather Clocks for Your First Place, Part II

Grandfather Clocks for Your First Place, Part I
October 1, 2008
Grandfather Clock: A Gift for My Daughter
October 3, 2008
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In the last post we started to talk about the responsibilities – and the freedoms – that come to us when we first move out on our own. Away from the restrictions placed on us by our well-meaning parents, college dormitories, and roommates, we are free to explore those things that make us happiest – including that which will look the best in terms of decorating our first place.

Being on our own for the first time definitely requires some budget minded shopping in terms of decorating our homes. But there is a false economy that is very much inherent in this process. Because of our budgets, oftentimes we tend to gravitate towards what would be considered “throw-away” items. They are cheap, they are versatile, and they can easily transform a room in terms of style. In most cases this will work with a few items but when we start filling our homes with cheaper items we find that very quickly they need to be replaced.

In terms of cost-effectiveness it is much better to purchase “foundation” pieces that are high quality where high quality means the most – solid furniture, good linens, and one or two pieces that you are likely to have for a lifetime and that work well anywhere. In this regard, grandfather clocks are often the perfect pieces to choose for newly purchased or rented homes. They are an investment to be sure but they also:

* Command attention. Grandfather clocks fill a room like a dozen smaller, unimpressive artifacts never could.

* Represent a lifetime. When maintained properly, grandfather clocks can last you a lifetime; something that you can share with your children and even your grandchildren.

*Create a buzz. There’s nothing like a grandfather clock when it comes to create a conversation piece in your home; something that really shines.

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