Grandfather Clocks Mark the Passage of Time in More Ways Than One

Grandfather Clocks Strikes a Chord
May 31, 2008
Grandfather Clocks Offer a First Impression
June 3, 2008
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Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions in existence; a way that we have always told time throughout the generations. Initially, because of this role in society, clocks were more of a functional item that held little aesthetic appeal. Today, however, clocks are equal parts form and function – occupying space in homes throughout the world and decorating each corner in which they sit with unique style.

Grandfather clocks, especially, are one of the clock designs that hold significant visual appeal in addition to their functional status. The pendulum of the grandfather clock swings back and forth, marking the incremental passage of time. But, in addition, grandfather clocks mark the passage of time in another way as well – acting as a touchstone to another generation.

Those who have grandfather clocks in their home are likely to have experienced them in the homes of older family members – or perhaps in their home as a child. A grandfather clock that occupies space in a family home will likely always occupy a space in the hearts of that family.

As we get older our natural tendency is to gravitate towards those things that are comfortable and familiar. Grandfather clocks are those pieces that will resonate with us long after we have grown and moved into our homes as adults. And perhaps this will inspire us to revisit these memories by purchasing our own grandfather clocks to sit sentry in our own homes. By doing so we will ensure that a grandfather clock will mark the passage of time – and so much more – for our own children.

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