Grandfather Clocks Mark the Passage of Time in More Ways Than One
June 2, 2008
Grandfather Clocks: Gift Giving Across the Miles
June 5, 2008
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Most homeowners look for ways to provide their homes with something called “curb appeal” – referring to the first look (and ultimate impression) that a visitor to the home receives. Those who are selling their home are typically very interested in curb appeal as it gives possible buyers a positive first impression of the home and will hopefully inspire them to look further inside the home.

But a first impression doesn’t necessarily stop when a visitor opens the door of the home. In fact, homeowners have another opportunity to dazzle visitors all over again right when they enter the house – with the careful placement of a grandfather clock.

Grandfather clocks have long been placed in homes by homeowners that have appreciated their delicate craftsmanship and variety of designs. Early on, however, only wealthy homeowners were able to afford grandfather clocks as they were considered an investment – and one that the average household was unable to enjoy.

Today, however, grandfather clock manufacturers are able to create high quality grandfather clocks – still offered in a variety of designs – at prices that allow people to afford them no matter what their budget. Grandfather clocks can be found through online suppliers where designs range from traditional – with carved wood, traditional artwork, and the melody that grandfather clock owners have heard for generations – to contemporary, with sleeker lines and more modern materials.

A grandfather clock placed inside an entranceway will immediately give those who enter a visual first impression; as well as an audible first impression if the clock happens to be striking the hour.

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