Grandfather Clocks or Grandmother Clocks: Make a Room Sing

Introduce Children to Grandfather Clocks
July 11, 2008
Falling in Love with a Grandfather Clock
July 15, 2008
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Clocks have long been used in rooms around the world to serve a purpose and create a mood. Grandfather clocks have historically been the most notable of such clocks – expensive pieces that were once only able to be purchased by the wealthiest of homes. As time went on, however, grandfather clocks became more affordable and homes everywhere were making them a staple in their décor.

Today, grandfather clocks are affordable pieces that can be found online through comprehensive suppliers – suppliers that are dedicated to providing high quality pieces at competitive prices. Such grandfather clocks are able to stand on their own and make a statement in any room and in any home, regardless of their style. From traditional to contemporary, a home of any kind will be well served by the proper placement of a grandfather clock.

One of the things that make a grandfather clock so popular is its size – standing at least 6 feet tall, grandfather clocks have power and presence. This allows a grandfather clock to pack a real punch in terms of visual impact in a room. But what if you like the look of a grandfather clock but feel that its size is just a little too much for the room you have in mind? Enter the grandmother clock.

A grandmother clock is similarly styled clock to the traditional grandfather clock but in a smaller size. This decrease in size allows homeowners to place them in smaller spaces without worrying that it will take over the room. Rather, grandmother clocks – as well as grandfather clocks – can just as easily be a complementing accessory as they can a star attraction in any room.

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