Grandfather Clocks: Not Just Corner Property
July 9, 2008
Grandfather Clocks or Grandmother Clocks: Make a Room Sing
July 11, 2008
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A child’s memory can last a lifetime; especially if that memory involves family or something that was special to the child. Some adults even have memories of being an infant – so impacted were they by a specific moment in their life. And often, even if we are not able to remember in detail a specific event, we can remember a tune, a smell, or an object of being familiar of our past. How many of us have walked into a room and gotten a whiff of something that was so close to our grandmother’s perfume that we are instantly whisked back in time? Or heard a tune on the radio that reminds us of our father and mother dancing at a particular event? The same can be said of objects that may have sat in our family homes.

I have a very particular memory of a piece of art that hung in my grandparents’ apartment in New York City. I was no older than three years old at the time but I can tell you every detail of that painting, where it hung in the room, and even how it made me feel.

Grandfather clocks often have that effect on adults, as they are familiar to them as something special from their childhoods. This is because grandfather clocks have been popular through the generations; you are just as likely to run into them in a home today as you would be in a home forty or even fifty years ago.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many people choose to place a grandfather clock in their home today – so that it can become a memory for their own children or grandchildren. Grandfather clocks can quickly take their place in a home and become an instant memory for kids – an object that reminds them of home and family!

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