Don’t Stop With Just One Grandfather Clock, Part II
August 14, 2008
Take Steps to Protect Your Grandfather Clock
August 21, 2008
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Everyone has their own preference when it comes to homes. For some, the perfect home is a smaller, more compact home – enough space to house their family and their stuff but not too much home that they are unable to keep up with the utilities and, of course, the cleaning. For others, a home is just not a home unless it is large enough to comfortably house family and guests – with rooms to spare that are dedicated to specific activities including a game room, a study, a library, and so forth.

There are challenges that come with larger homes; mainly being able to furnish the home affordably and fill the empty spaces with furniture and artwork that is in scale to the size of the rooms. Grandfather clocks work well in this capacity as they are large enough pieces that they can stand on their own in whatever capacity you use them but also because they work so well in helping to further the design goals of a room and home.

For larger homes that need to “fill” their space, grandfather clocks are especially helpful. Their height – they are generally six feet or over – help to fill a room, especially those rooms that have higher than average ceilings.

So conducive to large homes are grandfather clocks that many homeowners choose to place grandfather clocks – of different styles – in different rooms throughout their home; they find that the height and elegance of grandfather clocks work quite well in a variety of spots and will help to fill the often empty spaces in larger homes.

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