Look to Grandfather Clocks For Large Homes
August 15, 2008
If Grandfather Clocks Could Speak
August 21, 2008
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Having a grandfather clock in the home is the realization of a dream for many homeowners. This is because grandfather clocks have long been associated with high-end pieces that are typically used in the most luxurious of homes. This perception most likely stems from the advent of grandfather clocks when only the wealthiest of homes were able to afford a grandfather clock as a part of their décor.

Today, however, grandfather clocks are much more affordable than ever before; and the Internet has expanded the options available to consumers when it comes to purchasing grandfather clocks at the most affordable prices possible.

As affordable as they are, however, grandfather clocks are still an investment that must be taken seriously. To this end there are ways in which consumers should protect their grandfather clocks in order to protect their investment and perhaps be able to pass their grandfather clock down through their family; these steps may include:

* Protect your grandfather clocks by placing them in an area of the home that is free from heavy activity; placing a grandfather clock in an area of the home that has high traffic could be asking for trouble.

* Keep up on regular maintenance. By keeping your grandfather clock maintained to the best of your ability you are ensuring that it stays in working order for many years to come.

* Enlist professional guidance. Grandfather clocks can be complex pieces of machinery that should be handled with care. Be sure to seek professional guidance when it comes to the repair and routine maintenance of grandfather clocks.

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  2. James Lynn says:

    The grandfather clock my parents bought about 10 years ago was simple to fix. They finally let me repair it for them with many missed appointments from the pro guy that acted as if he was too important to show up.

    For 10 years it only worked reliably for 1 or so. The repairman would often make appointments for 6-12 months in advance and almost never showed up. When he did show up he would piddle with it and charge them 250.00 +. Still the clock would work about a week or two and stop functioning.

    The main problem was parts and diagrams from the manufacturer. In 10 years my parents didn’t enjoy the clock because it never worked reliably and finally let me work on it when they contemplated throwing it away.

    The problem was that a gear had seized inside of it from dust and no lubrication. We had no actual clock oil in our small town so I had to ask a jeweler for some watch oil that seemed to work.

    I laid out a towel from one side to the other and used computer grade compressed air and sprayed off the dust out of the other side of the cabinet. The clock ticker (not sure of actual name) had came loose from the pendulum as well so I repaired that too.

    It works fine now.

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