Grandfather Clocks Make a Great Christmas or New Years Gift

These are Not your Parents or Grandparents Grandfather Clocks
November 20, 2007
Presidential Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Clock Company Worth a Special Look
December 6, 2007
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More and more often 1-800-4CLOCKS is seeing customers purchasing grandfather clocks as heirloom gifts, being given by parents to children, grown children to parents, between spouses, with many as surprises for Christmas or Hanukkah, special birthdays, and as gifts for retirement.

Shoppers are noting that the choices of grandfather clocks are widening, with more quartz grandfather clocks joining the line-up of chain driven grandfather clocks, and even waterfall grandfather clocks joining an increasing selection tubular chime grandfather clock selection.  More brands, including the Bulova Grandfather Clock collection, the Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, and the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock assortment.  Hermle Grandfather Clocks also remain an outstanding alternative.

Features such as lit dials, lighted cabinets, auto night shut-off, volume control, more chimes choices, and more styles, among many other features like tubular chimes, make clock shopping  knowledge and homework more important than ever.  We hope this blog helps in this regard.

Among increasing grandfather clock choices, bargain shoppers and discount hunters are all the time looking for the best deals.  Consumers are fortunate to have more choices than ever to give as gifts now and then to pass from generation to generation.

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  1. […] My grandmother died a few years ago at the age of 97. During her long life, she traveled the world on what little money she had, and always made sure to bring back unique gifts for everyone. When she went to Germany in the 70s, she brought back beautifully handcrafted grandfather clocks, two different ones. She kept one in her house until she died and gave the other to my father, and it now resides with me. I never thought I’d ever see such fine quality craftsmanship on a clock again. I thought the time for quality timepieces like the ones Grandma Annie brought home was long gone. That was until I visited the folks at and their quality collection of new Howard Miller grandfather clocks. You can tell right away these people know their stuff when it comes to quality timepieces, as evidenced by their informative clock blog. […]

  2. […] love traditional stuff like grandfather clocks and they make awesome presents. The only bad thing about liking traditional items is that I tend to go for contemporary looking […]

  3. […] be easy to place it with your other furniture. With some Holidays just around the corner, getting a Grandfather Clock as a Christmas or New Years gift might be a good idea.  Just make sure that you take care of it, just as you would anything else.  […]

  4. […] Well, there is a solution, and you can look into grandfather clocks at You can get a variety of clocks and they include mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, wall clocks, clocks, atomic clocks, home decor, interior design, howard miller clocks, ridgeway clocks. You can get a clock for your family, grandparents, cousins, even the young athletes. I really like the atomic clocks, as they are very accurate, and easy to read. There is also a large selection of howard miller clocks, and it can be hard to find something that you don’t like. Also they have a great blog, and you can check one great reason why a clock would be the best present. […]

  5. Lots of Clocks…

    I have never had a grandfather clock anywhere I’ve lived. I don’t know why. I love them. I think they add personality and charm to any home. Now that Christmas is coming up I’m thinking what a great Christmas gift it would be! I read …

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  8. […] the house. The problem with clocks is that for the most part they are boring. that is why I want a grandfather clock. Everyone else tells me I am crazy and that grandfather clocks are old fashioned. I think they are […]

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