July 29, 2007

Grandfather Clock Movements

Grandfather Clocks, such as those offered in mechanical (vs. quartz) Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, and Bulova Grandfather […]
July 22, 2007

Grandfather Clocks Styles and the Choice of Mechanisms That Tell Time

A Grandfather Clocks purchase brings with it many decisions, not only form and functions, but also matters of personal taste. Aside from the question of an […]
July 20, 2007

Grandfather Clock Choices – Brands, Chimes, Styles, Woods, Kits and New vs. Antique

Grandfather Clock choices abound, even amongst the finest makers of Grandfather Clocks. There are literally dozens of variables to consider when deciding which, if any, grandfather […]
July 18, 2007

Grandfather Clocks by Bulova make their debut at 1-800-4CLOCKS

Bulova Grandfather Clocks, along with much of the rest of the Bulova Clocks line (from Bulova clock miniatures to mantel clocks to wall clocks), including the […]
July 12, 2007

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

No matter what kind of clock you are looking for, you can look at the offerings from Howard Miller grandfather clocks. They have a wide variety […]
July 10, 2007

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

When you shop for Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, you will find some of the best and most engaging contemporary grandfather clocks that are out there, like […]
July 6, 2007

Traditional Grandfather Clocks Look Great In Your Living Room

Ridgeway is yet another manufacturer with a lot of great contemporary grandfather clocks, as well as traditional grandfather clocks. The Venetian model is a think clock […]
July 5, 2007

Hermle Grandfather Clocks

For a quality grandfather clock, it is very easy to spend as much as $10,000 – even more – for a great timepiece. But at 1-800-4Clocks.com, […]
July 3, 2007

Howard Miller And The Art Of The Grandfather Clock

The Howard Miller satinwood grandfather clock is one of the most beautiful timepieces you will ever see. Its design is contemporary. It is black with nickel […]