October 26, 2009

Grandfather Clock News Alert

A number of our customers have requested that we send out special notices, mostly by email, when there is grandfather clock news which seems like it […]
October 21, 2009

Grandfather Clocks Sales and What to Look For – Discounts?

As Western Civilization is beginning to enter its annual Holiday Season, with the associated crass commercialism and materialism, not to ignore, though, the ever-time and always […]
October 13, 2009

GrandfatherClocksionista Fashionistas Watch Out

Almost everyone has heard of Fashionistas, and has their own different interpretation of the meaning.  Well, watch out, because a new breed on consumers are emerging […]
October 10, 2009

Grandfather Clocks Costume for Halloween Just in Time

OK, this customer visiting with us asked us a perfectly natural question, and it BLEW US AWAY (and yes, we do live reasonably well-rounded and interesting […]
October 3, 2009

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

A Howard Miller Grandfather clock is the most requested brand of grandfather clocks which we receive, over time, throughout the years, and all through our long […]