October 4, 2017

On Time: Does Anyone Actually Go Diving With a Dive Watch?

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS Ask yourself, how many buddies do you have with dive watches? Now ask yourself, how many of them dive with one? […]
September 23, 2017

How to Survive the Apocalypse

President Trump threatens to “totally destroy North Korea.” Another hurricane lashes out. A second monster earthquake jolts Mexico. Terrorists strike in London. And that’s just this […]
September 8, 2017

Is Jake Paul a Social Media Genius or a Jerk?

LOS ANGELES — With grave concern, a television reporter for KTLA described the mayhem in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Beverly Grove in July: The […]
August 31, 2017

On Time: Paul Newman’s Rare Rolex Has Auction Watchers Buzzing

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS Maybe you missed out on Jimi Hendrix’s “Woodstock” Stratocaster, which sold for a reported $1.3 million in 1993. Perhaps you were […]
July 31, 2017

On Time: Instagram Turbocharges the Watch Market

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS On Thursday, it was a stylishly retro 1962 Bulova Super Compressor on @analogshift that won my heart. On Wednesday, it had […]
July 11, 2017

On Time: Patek Philippe to Open a Pop-Up Museum in New York

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS As Rolls-Royce is to automobiles, Patek Philippe is to watches: exquisitely crafted, rich with legacy, and, with prices starting around $20,000 […]
July 10, 2017

Encounters: Untuckit Strikes a Chord With Self-Explanatory Men’s Wear

Encounters By ALEX WILLIAMS “That’s why I’m going to have no teeth,” said Chris Riccobono, the founder of the Untuckit men’s wear label, after a lascivious […]
June 10, 2017

Prozac Nation Is Now the United States of Xanax

This past winter, Sarah Fader, a 37-year-old social media consultant in Brooklyn who has generalized anxiety disorder, texted a friend in Oregon about an impending visit, […]
May 6, 2017

Noted: How Fidget Spinners Became a Hula-Hoop for Generation Z

One “horrible” summer in 1993 Unable to play with her daughter Sara, then 7, because of her myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness, […]
May 3, 2017

On Time: Glenn Beck, the Conservative Firebrand, Has a Soft Spot for Watches

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS At this point, the only thing surprising about Glenn Beck would be if he failed to surprise. The firebrand conservative radio […]