April 20, 2015

Changing Tactics, Apple Promotes Watch as a Luxury Item

The Apple Watch will be sold in just nine countries and only through its own channels, entering the world in a different manner from that of the iPhone.
April 17, 2015

Apple Watch Availability Is Clarified

Apple’s retail head, Angela Ahrendts, has told retail employees that the Apple Watch will not be available for in-store purchasing on the day of its April 24 release.
April 10, 2015

Ahead of Watch Release, Apple to Allow Customers to Try It On

The era of online shopping made “buy before you try” (and ship back if you don’t like it) a typical consumer experience. The Apple Watch, which releases April 24, is probably something you should actually try before buying.
July 3, 2014

Mixed Predictions About Wearables Like Smartwatches and Google Glass

Several prominent research firms made predictions about where these devices were headed. Their projections were all over the map.
February 23, 2014

Samsung Introduces Two New Smartwatches

The devices have a better battery life and use Samsung’s own operating system.