Grandfather Clocks Humor

October 11, 2012

Grandfather Clocks Repair

Grandfather Clocks owners sooner or later, with or without regularly scheduled grandfather clock maintenance including oiling and cleaning, will need to address the inevitable grandfather clock […]
July 25, 2012

Grandfather Clock Riddle

Who does not love a good time or clock related riddle.  Well, we came across on at the other day, and as a leader in […]
March 20, 2012

The reason for time, explained

This one is almost a magical quote, that any grandfather clock or timepiece enthusiast would appreciate.  Music to my ears. It is, simply, “The only reason […]
January 28, 2011

Mystery Grandfather Clock, on a Sandbar

Perhaps you have read over the last day or two about a Baby Grand Piano that was mysteriously found floating but grounded on a sandbar in […]
October 4, 2010

Grandfather Clocks in Every Pot

While this may sound absurd simply on the face of it, please read on (and then feel free to still think this idea is absurd). Everybody […]
September 10, 2010

Howard Miller Floor Clocks

Floor Clocks are more or less synonymous with grandfather clocks.  Howard Miller Clocks, for many years, as have other major clockmakers, preferred the term floor clocks […]
November 20, 2009

Grandfather Clocks Plans

Over the years, many individuals have enthusiastically built grandfather clocks from grandfather clocks plans.  Sometime these plans for grandfather clocks came as a part of grandfather […]
October 13, 2009

GrandfatherClocksionista Fashionistas Watch Out

Almost everyone has heard of Fashionistas, and has their own different interpretation of the meaning.  Well, watch out, because a new breed on consumers are emerging […]
October 10, 2009

Grandfather Clocks Costume for Halloween Just in Time

OK, this customer visiting with us asked us a perfectly natural question, and it BLEW US AWAY (and yes, we do live reasonably well-rounded and interesting […]
July 27, 2009

Grandfather Clocks and Ignorance and Stupidity

Most readers of this Blog will have heard of the book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”. Well, interestingly, one of the reasons we entered […]